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The Dorset Selection

from £31.00

Our Dorset Selection contains four contrasting cheeses: a firm cow's milk cheeses - usually a cheddar - a blue, a soft cheese* and something completely different for contrast! The county, long famous for our great regional blue - Dorset Blue Vinny - was lagging behind other Westcountry counties in terms of cheese but, with the arrival of new dairies like Woodlands and Book & Bucket, has now caught up.

Your cheese will come wrapped in waxed cheese paper, with a note giving information about the selection, and a card if you've asked for one (we'll ask for your message during checkout).

* We can't guarantee the flower-covered Orwell seen here - it's seasonal!

vegetarian option

Would you like us to select all vegetarian cheeses, i.e. with no rennet used? Just choose that option from the menu above.

posh box option

Tick the box above and we'll pack your cheese in a smart Posh Box priced at £8.99 - a lovely way to give your gift a bit more impact. Substantially made, they feature a magnetic 'catch' and matching ribbon. There are three different sizes - we'll choose the one that seems to be the best fit for the items in the order.

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