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One of the largest cakes on our site, Dulverton includes a really impressive set of cheeses to suit all tastes. Classics such as Cornish Blue, Westcombe Cheddar and Yarg sit alongside rarer gems like Devon Smoake and Cornish Crumbly. See also the closely related Lynton, which would suit similar numbers.

Feeds: 150. Size: Diameter 33cm, height 48cm

Like all our cakes, Dulverton is supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated. To order a Taster Box, go here.

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The base here is Westcombe Cheddar - one of the three great, and really traditional, examples of this cheese from (where else?) Somerset. Then comes Cornish Blue, Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards in 2010, and only a few points away from taking the same title the following year.

At the next layer there’s a choice. Devon Smoake is a gorgeous cheese from North Devon’s Rachel Stephens. One of the best smoked cheeses we’ve ever come across, the sweetness in this cheese will make a lovely contrast with the cheddar. We can also supply the plain version of this cheese, Devon Oke: just select the ‘Oke’ or ‘Smoake’ version from the drop-down menu.

Cornish Crumbly - described by maker Sue Proudfoot as ‘like a creamy Lancashire with bite - won Best Modern

British Cheese at the 2008 British Cheese Awards, and above this (white cheese in the picture) is Emhirst, an uber-luxurious cream-enriched brie.

A baby version of the spectacular nettle-clad Cornish Yarg is next. The top two are a mini Dorset Blue Vinney and the soft Vulscombe with black peppercorns & garlic.

Oke or Smoake?

At the 3rd layer up you have a choice. Either Devon Oke, a sweet, firm, nutty cheese from Devon, or Devon Smoake - the same cheese but smoked over oak chips to delightful effect.