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Great Expectations


One pleasure you don't need to deny yourself when you're expecting is cheese, and our pregnancy-friendly selection has been created with careful reference to the NHS guidelines

Our mellow Cornish Yarg, drop-dead fantastic Bath Blue and subtle, fresh Rosary amount to a perfect trio. Adding biscuits and a classic chutney makes for a self-contained mini-feast. It's your chance to delight any cheese-loving parent-to-be, knowing we've screened out anything unsuitable.

To read what the NHS has to say about cheese during pregnancy, go here, or for more detail see our 'about' page below.

Contains at least 600g of pasteurised cheese.

**Note: The image shown contains Hillside buscuits which are no longer in production. This box will contain biscuits from Peter's Yard.**

Stag's Savoury Selection
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Clare's Preserves Spiced Damson Chutney
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Opinel No.7 Pocket Knife
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Gran Luchito Chipotle Chilli Honey
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Godminster Heart Godminster Heart
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Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar Ford Farm Cave Aged Cheddar
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Semi Mature Cornish Gouda Semi Mature Cornish Gouda
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Dartmoor Chilli Dartmoor Chilli
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The NHS advice on eating cheese while pregnant is quite easy to sum up:

  • DON'T eat any soft 'mould-ripened' cheeses. This means the brie and camembert family (and would also include goat's cheeses like Capricorn, White Nancy, ewe's milk ones like Litte Ryding etc). Basically: anything with that type of downy white rind.
  • DON'T eat soft blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola or Roquefort - this includes cheeses such as Helford Blue and Beenleigh Blue.
  • DON'T eat any unpasteurised cheeses.


else is fine - i.e. all pasteurised hard cheeses, including hard blues, and soft, fresh, rindless cheeses. Our selection consists of:

  • Yarg, a hard, pasteurised cheese (ok);
  • Bath Blue, a stilton-style hard blue cheese (ok), and
  • Rosary, a rindless soft goat's cheese (ok).

To read the NHS advice for yourself (a good idea), go here.