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Shindig Celebration Cake


Shindig. Noun, informal. A large, lively party, especially one celebrating something. ORIGIN mid 19th cent.

Ideal for a birthday or any small 'do', this little celebration cake features your classic hard+soft+blue trio. The brie is the top notch, organic Kelston Park - a favourite of ours over many years. The little blue on top is a soft, special Helford Blue, made by the very talented Alastair Rogers near Helston in Cornwall, while the hard cheese is a black-waxed Curworthy. Made by a great friend of the Cheese Shed, Rachel Stephens, it follows a 17th century recipe which produces a mellow and sweet result.

Around 1.3kg cheese in total. Suitable for 12-16 people.

Diameter: 15cm; height 13cm.

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