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Frawzy Celebration Cake


Frawzy. Noun, Westcountry dialect. A party, a treat. ORIGIN obscure.

Your cheeses here are about half-and-half cheddar and soft cheese. Cheddar comes in the delicious form of Ford Farm's cave-aged cheddar: that's the base. Above that we have four gorgeous and totally different soft cheeses. Old Burford is a beautiful unpasteurised brie, then comes Goddess, a rich and pungent washed-rind Guernsey milk number.

On top of that: two melt in the mouth goats' cheeses, Vulscombe - in the version with black peppercorns & garlic - and a tiny Rosary.

Contains about 1.4kg cheese, Suitable for 13-18 people.

Diameter 12cm; height 21cm.

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