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Connoisseurs' Collection

Do you know someone who's really serious about cheese? Someone who'd like a selection of very special, hard-to-find cheeses? Our Connoisseurs' Collection has been created with just such a person in mind; in it, you'll find eight cheeses to bring joy into the life of the serious Cheese keenie ... READ MORE

Our Christmas Boxes Explained

Early on in the life of The Cheese Shed we hit on the idea of a Christmas cheese gift box which would amount to a complete cheeseboard in itself. Now for this to work we needed at least three cheeses - but having a couple more would work too ... READ MORE

New! The Christmas Stockpile

Christmas Day ... family ... friends ... visitors ... there are always lots of people to feed over the festive period. So you don't want to risk being cheese-less! Our Christmas Stockpile is the solution, with 3kg of the three essential cheeses to see you through to New Year.

Dorset-based Ford Farm's Cheddar is cave-aged for extra depth of flavour, and Sharpham's version of brie is one of the best around. For the blue, well, there's a choice. You can go traditional with Colston Bassett Stilton or opt for a firm favourite or ours, Cornish Blue. 

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