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Pick-Your-Own is a way for you to create a 'four quarters' wheel for a cheese wedding cake. The menu contains a number of different cheeses: just choose four you fancy the sound of, and add them, one at a time, to your basket.

Any four of these can be pushed together to make a wheel of about 25cm across and 7cm high, weighing somewhere between 3.6kg and 4kg.

We'll trim the pieces so that they fit together reasonably well. It's not precision engineering ... but as the Swedish say, it'll be lagom: good enough!

To find out a little more about the cheeses in the list, take a look at the 'about' tab below.

Quicke's 50/50 Quicke's 50/50
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Somerset 50/50 Somerset 50/50
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Blue 50/50 Blue 50/50
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Classic 4 Quarters Classic 4 Quarters
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Pick-Your Own: The Cheeses


Quicke's Mature Cheddar: Classic traditional cheddar hand-made in open vats, clothbound and matured on wooden shelves. If you like your cheddar tradional this is the one

Quicke's Oak-Smoked Cheddar: The mature cheddar but smoked over oak chippings.

Cheddars with added flavouring

Somerset Herb, Garlic & Cider: All these three 'added-flavour' cheddars are made by Phil Rainbow of the Somerset Cheese Company up near Ditcheat. In each case the mature cheese is re-milled and the flavouring is added before it goes into moulds to recover its shape. This one has ... herbs, garlic & cider!

Somerset Chilli: As above but here the extra ingredients are chopped chillies and crushed peppercorns.

Truffler: Again - made by the same people at the same place, but this time with chooped Italian truffles and truffle oil.


Smart's Double Gloucester: 'Territorial' cheeses are traditonal English cheeses which - at one time - were just produced in particular areas. This one is a really traditonal Double Gloucester made by the Smart family quite close to Gloucester itself.

Duckett's Caerphilly: Not all Caerphilly is (or was) made in Wales ... there's quite a tradition of it in Somerset, including this one (winner of 'best teriritiorial' in the 2018 British Cheese Awards).

Hawe's Wensleydale: Yorkshire Wensleydale is creamy, crumbly and full of flavour, made to a time-honoured recipe, using Wensleydale milk from local family farms. The cheese has been made in Hawes since 1897.

Other cheeses

Cornish Yarg: Massively successful and wellloved caerphilly-ish cheese, unique in its coat of hand-applied nettle leaves.

Fosseway Fleece: A hard ewes' milk cheese with cheddar-esque texture, made in Somerset. Not a household name but has been hugely popular with our customers since The Cheese Shed began in 2006.

Pennard Vale: Beautiful hard goats' milk cheese - again, a sort of cheddar really but with different milk - which has won Best Goats' Cheese at the British Cheese Awards (a massive, massive accolade!).

Which are the stronger ones?

Quicke's Extra Mature, Somerset Chilli, Somerset Herb Garlic & Cider

Which are the milder ones?

Cornish Yarg, Duckett's Caerphilly, Fosseway Fleece.