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Roche Rock


The idea for this set of cheeses came from colour, shape and texture. We looked for cheeses which had stone-like colours, rough-hewn textures and interesting shapes - and hopefully those qualities should come across in the photo!

As always, we were looking for a nicely graduated overall shape, and a good selection of contrasting cheeses. I think we've achieved that, with three superb and very different hard cheeses: Gorwydd Caerphilly (cow), Rachel (goat) and Millstone (sheep). To those we add organic superblue, Bath Blue, and three smaller softer cheeses on top - Capricorn, Sharpham Rustic and Tunworth. For more details click the 'about' tab below.

Roche (pronounced 'roach') Rock is a dramatic outcrop in mid-Cornwall with an ancient chapel perched on top.

Around 9.9kg of cheese - feeds 100. Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated. For our photo shoot, the cheese tower was decorated by the British Academy Of Floral Art.

For more details click the 'about' tab, below. To order a taster box, go here.

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Roche Rock

The cheeses uses here are, from the top down:

Capricorn - an unctuous, soft goat, sitting on a Sharpham Rustic. Rustic is actually semi soft. Made with raw Jersey milk, it's a crowd-pleasing winner of a cheese which is also pretty unique, we think. Under that is Tunworth, one of the most celebrated camembert-style cheeses made in the UK.

Then we come to the hard cheeses. Millstone is made from organic, unpasteurised

ewe's milk. It's hard, dry and tangy in flavour. Mellower and slightly more yielding, Rachel - which has been washed in Somerset Cider Brandy - is the goat's cheese which even people who 'don't like goat's cheese' find they can't resist.

Organic Bath Blue is close to stilton in style, and the base is a Gorwydd Caerphilly, also organic and a supreme example of this great British cheese which won 'top 16' status at the World Cheese Awards in 2021.