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Spring Garden Apple Juice


From orchards just about a mile away from us, halfway up the road to Haytor! Vicky Housego produces this beautiful apple juice which is - in my opinion - the perfect blend of sweet and sharp.

The Spring Garden orchards were planted just after WW2 with 37 avenues of apples including Cox's Orange Pippin, Egremont Russet, Worcestor Pearmain and others. In 2021, after deacdes of neglect, the orchards were bought by Vicky and husband Paul, who intend to preserve them as prinme habitat for all wildlife, looking after the 450 trees and replanting ones. 

Apples for jucing are all picked from the tree by hand then pressed in north Devon. Each pressing is unique! The juice is lightly pasturised but there are no additives used. A natural apple sediment can be seen in the bottles which should be shaken well before serving.

From Bovey Tracey, 75cl