Heron Valley

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Heron Valley is a maker of cider and juices - all made on therir farm in the 'South Hams' (the area betweem Dartmouth and Plymnouth in Devon)

Their philosophy has always been ‘if in doubt, leave it out’, so they don’t put any added yeasts, sulphites or weird E-numbers into any of our drinks, and only use the best, natural, whole ingredients - with either their own fruit or fruit picked within a few miles of the farm.

Pear & Apple Juice: Pressed from over 2 kgs of perfectly ripe English apples and pears, this award winning juice is naturally sweet and delicious, perfect for breakfast.

Elderflower Fizz: Made from bubbly Devon water, hand-picked elderflowers, sugar and citric acid in a family recipe that's been passed down through generations.

Apple & Root Ginger: A delicious spiced apple juice made using whole root ginger infused with our award-winning cloudy sweet apple juice. Our apple and ginger juice is bursting with earthly goodness, and great served cold or gently warmed in the winter months.