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Anning's Fruit Cider

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The Anning's Fruit Cider story started in 2012 after a chance meeting between Tom Seward and Jim Mardell; fruit ciders were becoming popular and they thought they could improve on the sickly imports which dominated the market at the time. Today the Anning's range - named after the fossil hunter Mary Anning of Lyme Regis - is made by the Lyme Bay Winery just up the road. 

Made from Westcountry apples plus real fruit juices and extracts. ABV 4%

Crushed Mixed Berries Cider, elderberry juice and extracts from a number of red berries, with a hint of lime.

Elderflower & Cucumber A delicious limited edition fruit cider, made with elderflower juice and cucumber extracts.

Pear & Peach A blend of cider, pear and peach extracts. Deliciously refreshing, these fruits compliment each other perfectly.

Strawberry & Lyme A blend of cider, strawberry juice and lime extracts. Anning's Strawberry and Lyme Cider is incredibly moreish!

Pear & Mint A blend of refreshing cider with pear extract and garden mint, for a recognisable aroma which isn’t confected in any way.