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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians

Dorset Knob Biscuits

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The Moores family has been baking in Dorset since before 1860. Their Knob Biscuits were originally made with dough left over from a morning's bread production. The dough was moulded into small rounds, proved and baked overnight in the fading heat of the oven, emerging crisp and golden the next day.

Today's Dorset Knobs are made from a fermented dough and baked three times. This is what gives them their unique flavour and crisp texture.

Supplied in a special emanel presentation tin or in a bag.

Tin: weight of biscuits 400g, or about 40 Knobs.

Bag: weight of biscuits 225g, or about 22 Knobs.