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Utopian is a relatively new brewery based in mid-Devon. Their aim is to produce the best possible naturally-brewed lagers, using entirely home-ingedients.They say:

"By 'naturally brewed' we mean that we only consider adding things to the beer that will improve the quality of the beer and we do not add things to simple make the process easier or to produce the beer faster. We don’t add finings or enzymes for clarification we use cold conditioning and time.

Our beers contain just Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast and plenty of patience. And we think that’s just about as natural as it can be."

Choose from:

Premium British Lager | 4.7% Utopian's signature Premium British Lager is influenced by the Bavarian Helles style, but just like all their beers, it has been brewed solely with the finest, British grown malted barley and hops.

Unfiltered British Lager | 4.7% As above but unfiltered, this beer is still light in colour but now with a slight haze from retained yeast which provides a greater depth of flavour.

Fränkishes Rotbier | Utopian say "this old-world style Rotbier is our tribute to the Franconian amber lagers brewed since the 1500s. It has a deep amber colour and soft gentle pallette." 5.4%


440ml cans.