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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians Made with unpasteurised milk

Sharpham Camembert


New for 2022. Sharpham have taken the best part of a year to develop this camembert, marking 40 years of cheesemaking by the banks of the River Dart - and of course nodding stylistically to the dairy's groundbreaking original cheese, Sharpham Brie. 

The camembert uses different starter cultures that tend to produce a flavour with brassica notes rather than the more mushroomy brie. It's also made in such a way that it retains more moisture, making for a softer and faster-ripening cheese. Each one weighs around 250g.

Unpasteurised, vegetarian.

Sharpham Elmhirst Sharpham Elmhirst
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Sharpham Brie Sharpham Brie
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Tunworth Tunworth
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Helford Camembert Helford Camembert
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Devon Maid Devon Maid
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