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Cheese Power

from £49.00

The starting point here is three powerful cheeses. Not shrinking violets, they all supply a big dose of gorgeous flavour, and each holds its own with the others. Ten-month matured Bovey Straight is exclusive to us, Devon Blue a perennial favourite and English Pecorino will delight anyone who loves a punchy  ewes' milk cheese.

Also included: Peter's Yard Spelt & Fig Crispbreads, Bay Tree's Cheeseboard Chutney, Global Harvest's 'membrillo' in the pear flavour, Pelagonia Sweet Chery Peppers (my favourite) and one of Will Macken's salamis.

Option! As the final touch, and to make this a totally indulgent cheese feast, add a bottle of Jonathan Gould's Apple Brandy. With or without, the choice is yours ... 

Contains 672g cheese. Apple Brandy is 20cl. Various flavours of salami might be used.