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We know how pregnancy (with that list of cheeses you have to stay away from) can induce a bona fide cheese craving. But there is light at the end of the tunnel... and once your baby has arrived, the cheese habit can be re-booted. You could even invite a few pals around to enjoy some with you!

So we present four cheeses - all banned during pregnancy - for you to enjoy:

  • Keen's is possibly the ultimate traditional cheddar, and therefore it's unpasteurised. Now you can eat it!

  • Sharpham Savour is another unpasteurised cheese - a gorgeous mix of cow's and goat's milk. You can also eat this.

  • Winslade, a cross between a camembert and a Vacherin was out of bounds because of its fluffy white rind. But no longer!

  • Cotswold Blue - a soft blue - is another no-no for expecting parents, but guess what? You can have this too.

Comes with a selection of Peter's Yard crispbreads, Otter Vale Pear & Ginger Chutney and Pelagonia's Roasted Red Pepper Jam.

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