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An Extra Something

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The Extra Something here is that each cheese has some sort of added flavouring: so we're talking about cheese-with-something-else-in-it. Choose from three, four or five 250g pieces, and we'll use our experience to put together a selection of cheeses which contrast nicely with each other - each one with it's own take on how to send the flavour of cheese off in a different direction. In amongst our 100+ cheeses there are ones with herbs, seeds of various sorts, truffles, chilli, honey, clover, beer - even fennel pollen... so we have plenty to choose from!

The world of 'flavour-added' cheeses is one which represents a long tradition in cheesemaking - it's also great fun. So this should be a way to give a cheese lover a special treat.

Contains 750g, 1kg or 1.25kg cheese.

Palazzo del Mare Rosso
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Rick Stein Oat Biscuits with Cornish Sea Salt
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Planet Cheddar Planet Cheddar
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Nothin' But The Blues Nothin' But The Blues
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Four Smokin' Cheeses Four Smokin' Cheeses
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The Sheep & The Goats The Sheep & The Goats
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