new on the preserve front

We're bringing in a number of new chutneys for Christmas 2014. The rather brilliant Victoria Cranfield is based in north Devon, and her seasonal Boxing Day Chutney features prominently in this year's Christmas hampers. Alongside that, her Lime Pickle, Bombay Peach and Mango Chutneys bring a touch of the exotic to what's on offer. We're also bringing in the Spiced Orchard Fruits Chutney devised by talented Jay Allan of Exeter-based Hillside Speciality Foods. But that's not all ...

Local food heroes Nick & Toby Hewison grow Bluberries up in Lustleigh, just up the road from us. As The Blueberry Brothers they've been exploring all sorts of things to do with this wonderful fruit. They make blueberry chocolates, preserves, even a blueberry-flavoured beer! We were very taken with their Blueberry & Chilli Jam - it's just amazing with a good cheddar. Try some for yourself!

Finally, Dave Cartwright, who works with us at The Cheese Shed, has a bit of a bee in his bonnet about pickled onions. He was adamant that he could help us produce better ones than the ones we were selling, and having tried his (they're lovely!) we had to admit he was probably right. And here they are: The Cheese Shed's Top Notch Pickled Onions - from Dave (and the rest of us) to you.