new: celebration cakes

We know that our customers often want to use the 'cheese cake' idea from something other than a wedding - parties, anniversaries, a leaving 'do', there are all sorts of events where a cheese cake can be a useful and fun thing to have.

Because these can be quite small affairs, we've just brought in three new celebration cakes to suit numbers around 10-15. They are Shindig, Beano and Wingding ... you can see all three here!

Shindig (top right) is ideal for a birthday or any small 'do'. The brie is the top notch, organic Kelston Park - a favourite of ours over many years. The little blue on top is a soft, special Blue Horizon, made by the very talented Alastair Rogers near Helston in Cornwall, while the hard cheese is a black-waxed Curworthy. Made by a great friend of the Cheese Shed, Rachel Stephens, it follows a 17th century recipe which produces a mellow and sweet result.

Around 1.3kg cheese in total. Suitable for 12-16 people.

The supermini of our celebration cakes, Wingding (middle right) still offers you four layers - and four contrasting cheese experiences. The base is Cranborne - a special little brie from Dorset's Chalke Valley Cheese. On top of that is what must surely be classed as a modern classic, a perfect little Sharpham Rustic flavoured with garlic & chives. The blue is a soft, delicate Blue Horizon, and a sweet little Gevrik soft goat tops it off.

Around 900g. Feeds 8-12.

Finayy,  Beano (bottom right) is a small but perfectly formed celebration cake to suit around 15. The base is a small wheel of creamy Cornish Blue, and on that sits a mini-truckle of nutty cave-aged Ford Farm Cheddar. Tilly Whim is a real contrast, a delicate, yielding firm cheese made in Dorset by the brilliant Alison French, while up on top sits a tiny Gevrik goats' cheese.

Around 1.4kg. Feeds 13-18.