Introducing Our Wine Expert, And Our New Wines

For a while now, we've wanted to rejuvenate our wine selection, and finally, the opportunity to do that in an exciting way came when we spotted a new wine shop, Jaded Palates, opening just up the road in Chagford. The owner - another Ian (there's more of us than you think!) - turned to have travelled an interesting road in pursuit of a long-held obsession he couldn't quite shake off: the love of wine. 

Working with Ian, we've completely renewed what we offer. And: we've broadened it out. So there are more whites, there's a proper vintage Port for the first time, and he's encouraged us to include a few rather special wines that push up to a higher level of quality than our previous selection. Often these come from Ian's own relationship with makers that are - as we would have it - 'off the beaten track'.

So here's a little about our new wine specialist, and a few of the wines he's introduced us to.

Ian Renwick’s Story

"Hi, I'm Ian - third-generation Moorlander, cricket-lover and self-confessed wine geek. I have been fascinated with all things vinous since I was at school in Bordeaux in the 90's. Surrounded by beautiful rolling vineyards and a nation with a bottle always open, debates raging as to its provenance and quality, it was almost impossible not to be immersed.

Initially, life took me in a very different direction. A 15 year HR career in Asia kept me busy but never entirely fulfilled. I always had this bee in my bonnet and I spent most of my spare time educating myself and boring those around me about wine and what made a good one.

In 2011, I decided to start taking this more seriously, and set about studying the WSET exams whilst still living in Hong Kong. Despite learning the theory, I felt that to truly understand wine I had to get right under its (grape)skin. So, my wife, young son and I packed up our lives and moved the 6000 miles to France to be in the heart of the action. This is where we spent three years whilst I became a qualified Winemaker. I can finally say, from an insider's perspective, what can make the difference between an average wine, and an exceptional one. 

It's been an amazing journey. I have learnt so much, and continue to do so daily. Armed with my new-found knowledge and experience, and the passion that's been bubbling inside for the past 20 years, I have returned to beautiful Dartmoor where I spent much of my childhood, to set up two shops - in Chagford and Ashburton and trade in wine as Jaded Palates."

The Wines

"Our wines, like us, are a bit unusual. We seek out the family producers; the half-remembered dusty track off a side road leading to Serge’s vineyard you wandered down 20 years ago on holiday; the truly great value. We love the stories behind every one of our wines, and delight in telling them. We bring the vineyards right into your living room as you pour that glass, unwind and think about the place and people behind that wonderful flavour.

For instance, the Domaine de La Citadelle Chataignier is a wine that I helped create! I spent many hours strolling up and down the vine-rows at the base of the same town in which Peter Mayle wrote A Year in Provence some 30 years earlier; the sandy, dusty soil is reflected in the wonderful bright freshness which is uncommon for such a hot area.

Or there’s our Chateau de Manissy Cotes du Rhone, based in a monastery created when the papacy was held in Avignon, where the monks themselves tended the vines up until just a few years ago. And the Joan Segura Pujadas Cava Excelsior does such a great job at reviving a whole style of wine, Cava, which had fallen into the shadow of Prosecco for many years. Fresh, tangy, biscuit and vibrant – it makes you rethink what a value sparkling wine should be capable of.

What do all our wines have in common, then? Apart from tasting great and being reasonably priced (this should be a given in this day and age), they are all created with love by people who really care. We personally taste every single one of the wines we stock so you can be 100% certain that each of them is worthy of your attention."