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Tintagel Castle


A modest-sized cake for smaller gatherings!

Feeds: 30-40 Size: Diameter 18cm, height 26cm

Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated. To order a Taster Box, go here.

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Tintagel Castle

We regularly get asked for cakes to suit 30 or 40, and I thought it was about time a few cakes of a suitable size made their appearance in the Cheese Shed.

This one’s getting on for 3.8kg. The base is Six Spires, a rich mellow cheddar made by Phil Rainbow of the Somerset Cheese Company.  Above that is Elmhirst, a cream-enriched brie-style cheese made by the River Dart in Devon. Cornish Blue was voted Best English Cheese and Best Blue Cheese just a couple of years ago, so you can gather that it’s really very good.

On the top: Dorstone, a beautiful soft ash-covered goats' cheese made by Neals Yard Dairy.

Our cake was photographed by top Bovey lensman Bim and decorated by the Kate from Simply Flowers. Don’t forget that we only supply the cheese ... so you’ll need a creative person to take on the decorating duties.