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This five-layer cake represents our first venture into the use of pillars to gain height - and what a dramatic effect that can create! Five great cheeses including Yarg, Blue Vinny and Cornish Brie give you all the variety you could wish for and enough for around 100. For full information, including details of the two versions available, see the 'about' tab below.

Feeds: Around 100. Size: Diameter 33cm, height around 60cm.

Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated. Price includes pillars but not flowers. To order a Taster Box, go here.

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The threee bottom cheeses here give you the hard, soft, and blue cheeses which form the basis of any good balanced cheeseboard. Cornish Brie is your base, and above that is another cheese from the same county: Yarg.  Wrapped in a hand-applied coat of nettle leaves, this cheese is reliably stunning; taste-wise it's a caerphilly variant with a winning flavour which is full yet mellow. Completing the basic trio is Dorset's great traditional cheese, Blue Vinny.

At the next layer there's a choice of Francis (shown in the pictures) or Cornish Blue - for more on this, read on.  Finally we have White Nancy, a superb soft goats' cheese which we have been raving about since the Cheese Shed started.

Pillar kit

Godrevy uses pillars to achieve its dramatic height, and the price includes 16 of these, which you'll use to support the top four layers. A 10" diameter silvered cakeboard (also supplied) is used to prevent the pillars from sinking into the brie base. We'll also make sure the brie isn't too

ripe, so that it can support the weight without difficulty.

To achieve the effect in our photo you will need flowers - like these white roses - to pack in at each layer, hiding the pillars. Please note that the price does not include flowers.

Francis or Cornish Blue?

In photos we've used Francis for the second layer down. This is a rich, vibrant-tasting and strikingly attractive cheese from James McCall, one of the country's most respected makers - it has rightly received a lot of attention since he started making it in 2012.What you need to know, however is that this is a pretty pungent cheese and - unless you're in a large well-ventilated space - you will smell it.

The alternative at that layer is a 1kg Cornish Blue. It's the same size, but not quite so pretty (the rind is more beige-grey).  Using this will give you equal amounts of the hard, soft & blue cheeses (about 3kg each). There's also a nice contrast between Blue Vinny (stronger) and Cornish Blue (milder). The choice is yours!