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Somerset Cider Brandy Miniatures

from £7.00

Distilling apples in England was last recorded in 1678 ... but revived by the Somerset Cider Brandy Company in 1987. Owner Julian Temperley also produces excellent cider and perry under the name Burrow Hill.

Choose from three 10cl miniature bottles of his amazing products, either:

  • 3 Year Old Somerset Cider Brandy (42%) Matured in oak barrels, the cider has mellowed into a smooth complex brandy. A nose of apple leads on to a floral, spicy palate.

  • Kingston Black Apple Aperitif (18%). Juice from a famous Westcountry apple variety - Kingston Black - is mixed with cider brandy to create a delicious aperitif.

  • Ice Cider (11.5%). A freezing process is used to concentrate apple juice before fermentation. The rich, intensified cider that results is sweet with a dry finish.