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Four Peppercorn Salami


Shropshire Salumi is a small company based north of Shrewsbury making handmade small batch charcuterie the traditional way. Founder Will Macken takes a pride in the quality of their ingedients, their methods and 'nose to tail' ethos. Only locally reared traditional breeds are used (Gloucester Old Spot, Oxford Sandy and Black), and Will is very keen that welfafe standards are high in the farms he deals with.

"The peppercorns are ground in house, by hand," says Will" "it's a blend of black and white - for the punch - followed by the aromatic qualities of pink and green. Robust!"

Salami should be stored in a cool ambient temperature (10-14 degrees) or, failing that, in a Tupperware box in the fridge.

Typical weight 175g

Pictures of Will Macken by @theartisanstoryteller

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