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Secret Orchard Cider

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Secret Orchard is the beloved project of old school friends and cider enthusiasts, Joe Heley and Todd Studley. Unusually, they're based in two places: Todd at the Nettlecombe Estate on Exmoor, Somerset, whilst Joe is near Truro in Cornwall. Their ciders reflect the diferent characteristics of the two areas and the different apples available in each.

Exmoor Clear is a dry cider of remarkable colour and character, blended from vintage quality Somerset cider apples.

Exmoor Mellow is a sweet, smooth, easy drinking cider with delicious spicy notes, blended from high quality varieties such as Harry Masters Jersey and Kingston Black.

Cornish Smooth is another sweet one - a fresh cider with hints of toffee apple. Made from early season apples from West Cornwall. A truly versatile cider.

Cornish Crisp is a clean, clear cider made from early season apples. The young and refreshing flavour is matched by fine acidity.

500ml 5.5%

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