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Forest Pig Fennel Salami


Forest Pig Charcuterie is based in the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire. By arrangement with the Forestry Commission, their home bred pigs spend at least 8 months living in a really natural environment. 

This fennel salami is made from a recipe sourced from the “salami masters” in Tuscany, made with the finest fennel seeds, roasted to bring out the full flavour complete with a splash of full-bodied red wine. A must for anybody who enjoys the fresh clean flavours of fennel.

It should be at least 180g, and comes hand-wrapped. For more information see the 'about' tab below.

Forest Pig Charcuterie

about them:

"At Forest Pig we produce the finest British salami and other charcuterie products from our own woodland reared and free range pigs; as well as Wild Boar, Venison and Mixed Game varieties including pheasant from our local shoot. We use traditional artisan methods of production learnt from the salami masters in Tuscany. Our charcuterie range is entirely our own and has won many Great Taste Awards.

We take great care in sourcing our spices from a variety of suppliers to ensure that they are best suited to each of our recipes. For example we use the high quality paprikas made by El Rey de la Vera in South West Spain, Muntok white pepper for its fresh sensation, and we searched high and low to find the fennel with the required impact of flavour. Our spices are hand ground on the day of mixing to ensure maximum freshness and flavour.

We take extra care at every step to ensure that our charcuterie products are of the best quality, with the correct level of maturity, texture and flavour. By adding just the right amount of fat our salamis are lean and packed full of flavour. We prefer our salamis to be slightly moist with a “giving” firmness, as is the tradition in Tuscany."

about the pigs:

"We live in the midst of the Wyre Forest and it didn’t take us long to realise the wonderful relationship that should exist between forest and pig. Whilst outdoor “free range”

pigs undoubtedly have a better life than their indoor reared commercial cousins, they still typically live in a relatively non stimulating environment and rely on two square meals a day.

It is only in woodland that we have seen pigs lead a fully natural life, spending the entire day foraging for the fruits of the forest, acorns, beech nuts and blackberry roots amongst their favourites, and building nests from woodland materials as nature intended.

Our pigs have a good outdoor start at home and are fed a GM free diet with no added growth promoters. As close to organic as you can get without the price tag! Once grown to a good size, about 4 months, our young stock are moved out into the Wyre Forest to live in a totally natural environment and mature at a natural pace.

The Forestry Commission designate areas for the pigs to reduce vegetation to restore a natural balance to the woodland floor, aiding natural oak regeneration. They are moved constantly to ensure that their woodland diet is replenished and to prevent damage to the forest. They often source drinking water from naturally occuring ground water springs.

The Wyre Forest is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the use of our pigs as a woodland management tool has been approved by Natural England."