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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians

The Vegan Three


All three vegan cheeses from 'Mouse's Favourite' in one box! Their Camembert - which has a coat of the same sort of mould you'd find on a 'real' one - is one of the best vegan cheeses we've come across. Tru Blue has dramatic blue veins running through it, and Aged Classic is a firmer, more mature cheese with an attractive lemony edge to its flavour.

Mouse's Favourite started in 2017, with the aim of creating the best vegan cheese they could, created simply and from good ingedients. Only cashew nuts, salt, water and starter bacteria are used. There is no added flavouring; the cashew nuts are organic and ethically sourced.

A lovely gift for a vegan friend!

About 405g cheese in all.

Mouse's Favourite: Camembert Mouse's Favourite: Camembert
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Mouse's Favourite: True Blue Mouse's Favourite: True Blue
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Mouse's Favourite: Aged Classic Mouse's Favourite: Aged Classic
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