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Made with unpasteurised milk



Made by Alison French in Dorset. Alison used to be with Cranborne Chase Cheese, and when we started out, she & partner James McCall were making washed rind cheeses like Alderwood alongside soft, whites (Gold Hill & Win Green).

After the dairy was closed it took Alison a while to re-group, but she has now re-emerged as Chalke Valley Cheese, and this 250g brie-style raw milk cheese is one of her new offerings.

Unpasteurised, not vegetarian

200g jar 200g jar
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Dorset White Dorset White
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Tilly Whim Tilly Whim
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Chalke Valley Cheese

Chalke Valley is the story of a cheesemaker who wouldn't give up easily. Made redundant from another dairy when it was closed a few years ago, Alison French was determined, one day, to start up on her own. The former biologist had become hooked by cheese-making! It took a few years but finally she's got there and now, as Chalke Valley Cheese, she makes a range of cheeses from her own dairy in the Dorset village of Cranborne, from which one

of her soft white brie-style cheeses takes its name. Having previously been a cheese maker in the county proved to be a wonderful launching pad - there were wholesalers & delis very keen to work with her again. As well as revisiting the soft whites which were her original speciality, she's branched out: there's a cheddar and a caerphilly, plus a rather wonderful little semi-soft called Tilly Whim (named after a cave on the coast, apparently).