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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians Made with unpasteurised milk


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A medium soft cheese with garlic, onion, ginger, horseradish and paprika. Made by Dave Johnson of Crediton, Devon. Pictured: some of Dave's goats.

Unpasteurised, vegetarian.

Sandford Orchards Devon Red
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Jail Ale
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Stag's Savoury Selection
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Clare's Preserves Smoky Tomato Relish
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Opinel No.8 Pocket Knife
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Norsworthy Norsworthy
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Gunstone Gunstone
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Rosary Rosary
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Ticklemore Ticklemore
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Pennard Vale Pennard Vale
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The Devon Selection The Devon Selection
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How to find Norsworthy: 1) Go to Crediton; 2) Wiggle off west into the lanes; 3) Keep wiggling, then 4) Arrive at Norsworthy cross and turn into Dave's yard to be greeted by a simply stunning view looking North-East towards the slopes of Exmoor.

I have a theory that Dave likes to look in that direction because it reminds him of his home in Durham, which a trace of Geordie in his voice still betrays. Originally a cowman, milking other people's herds, he first milked goats in 1999, sparking an idea which led to his own herd - now 180-strong - and a steadily growing list of cheeses.

Early on, a Dutch lady called

Vera did the making, and this may explain the 'washed curd' method, which, Dave exlained, is characteristic of Dutch cheeses (as the curds form they're rinsed in hot water, then drained, and this is done three times). These days Dave and his wife Marilyn make the cheeses in their own dairy - built in 2006.

The three hard(ish) varieties, Norsworthy, Gunstone and Posbury, have now been joined by Mature Gunstone (aged for eight months to a much harder, drier cheese) and Trendlebere, a beautiful smoked version of Norsworthy. Reports have recently come in of Norsworthy cheeses apperaring at The Ivy and Gidleigh Park.