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The Cheese Shed's Walnuts In Honey


Dartmoor honey with lightly roasted Devon-grown walnuts, with just a little thyme and lemon zest. Beautiful with all sorts of cheese - try them with a strong cheddar, a blue or a soft goat and see if we're wrong!

I was taking to local chutney supremo Clare Gault a while back: what could she make - to go with cheese - that would be special and different, I asked? This is what she came up with: a deliciious accompaniment to cheese, and something we associate with Greece but is less well-known here. She had a great source of local honey but the walnuts proved more of a challenge. The final piece of the jigsaw was when we found an orchard above the River Teign near Shaldon which produced a fantastic crop, all looking for homes!


(200g) Devon Blue
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1/8 cheese (about 212g) Ticklemore
1/8 cheese (about 212g)
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250g Westcombe Cheddar
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100g button Rosary
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Global Harvest Set Fruit Preserves Global Harvest Set Fruit Preserves
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