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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians

Thank You!

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There are a million and one times when you just want a little way to say thank you. Here's our suggestion for how to do it.

The box is centred on one very special soft cheese: Solstice, a dreamy little beauty made with Guernsey milk and washed in Somerset Cider Brandy. It's very much a special treat and that's why it's here! To go with it there's Stag's Water Biscuits, and the Wild Green Fig Jam from Macedonia that we absolutey love.

But this box really needs to get your message of thanks across, so we're adding two more extra special items. Andrew King worked at Michelin-starred Gidleigh Park restaurant alongside Michael Caines for over 20 years before setting up as a chocolatier. As you'd imagine, his chocolates are super special and a box of four is included (seasonal - so the flavours will vary) together with a 10cl miniature from Somerset Cider Brandy. Choose from 3 Year Old Cider Brandy, Ice Cider or Kingston Black Apple Apéritif.

Posh Box Option!

To up the level of specialness even more, tick the Posh Box option above - we'll then use one of our very smart 'gift boxes'. Costs £8.99.

Contains 200g cheese

sixteenth (around 212g) Cornish Yarg
sixteenth (around 212g)
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250g wedge Keen's Cheddar
250g wedge
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200g wedge Bath Blue
200g wedge
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Posh Box
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Borgo Alato Prosecco
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