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Spice Up Your Life


It speaks for itself! Three different cheeses, each with a different spice. Somerset Chilli is the hot one, Cornish Gouda with Cumin is our local version of a Dutch classic, and Drogo* - a fresh cheese with garlic and fennel pollen - is the wild card!

And the spice goes on, with Gran Luchito Chipotle Chilli Honey and Olives et al chilli and garlic olives. All in all, it's spicy enough for all normal purposes. Stag's Water Biscuits complete the box.

Contains about 750g cheese.

*When Drogo is unavailable, it will be replace by either Parke (with herbs) or Pepperdon (with peppercorns)

Posh Box Option!

To up the level of specialness even more, tick the Posh Box option above - we'll then use one of our very smart gift boxes. Costs £8.99.

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Chorizo Will Macken's Shropshire Salumi
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