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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians

Slow Down!

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Inspired by a great local beverage, the Cheese Shed invites you to Slow Down! Settle in with a good book, three beautiful cheeses and a bottle of Red Rock Brewery's Slow Beer. Read, drink, nibble ... and don't, whatever you do, go anywhere or do anything.

On the cheeseboard for your afternoon of relaxation, three delightful cheeses which are most definitely 'off the beaten track'. Sharpham Savour is super-mellow, its flavour lightly tweaked by the use of both cows' milk and goats' milk (it's still a rarity!). Helford Blue is a dependable winner, plus there's one of our trio of exclusive fresh cheeses: Parke, Pepperdon or Drogo (see below).

Hillside's Sea salt and Popy Seed biscuits ticks that requirement, and (drum roll) for an extra helping of surprise and delight, there's a jar of our gorgeous Walnuts In Honey.

which fresh cheese?

Select the 'lucky dip' option - in the drop-down menu - and we'll choose for you. But if you know what you want, make a specific chooice of either Parke (herbs and garlic), Pepperdon (black peppercorns) or Drogo (fennel pollen).

Contains about 750g cheese. The 33cl bottle of Slow Beer contains gluten and is 5% ABV.

NB Books not included!

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