win cheese, win cider

The Westcountry has a great heritage of cider-making alongside its cheese traditions, and we felt it was about time we added cider to the shelves of The Cheese Shed. After all, cider and cheese go well together - or so we’re told.

With the help of the experts at Green Valley Cyder we’ve come up with what we feel is a great selection of cider and perry from some of the best Westcountry makers including Green Valley themselves, Perry’s, Cornish Orchards and more - just the people you can read about in James Crowden’s great book on the subject, Ciderland.

To spread the word about our move into cider, we’re running a competition with the following great prizes:

First Prize

1 Cornish Cheese Selection (1kg version)
5 50cl bottles of cider and perry from our collection
Ciderland by James Crowden

Second Prize

5 50cl bottles of cider from our collection
Ciderland by James Crowden

Third Prize

Ciderland by James Crowden

How To Enter:

Important: you must be over 18 to enter this competition

Simply answer this question:

Which cider maker features twice in our cider collection?

... and email me with the answer before the end of October. The winners will be contacted straight away at the beginning of November, and arrangements made for the despatch of prizes.


1st prize: Heather, Bolton

2nd prize: Carol, Redcar

3rd prize: Denise, London