Shed Buys Bank

Some really exciting news for us: we’ve just bought our first premises, collecting the keys on the 30th July. Up until now, we’ve worked on two sites, the office being in my shed, with cheese storage and packing provided (sort of) at the back of the deli run by my partners James and Gill Mann. But this has become increasingly stretched, and it’s been obvious for some time that we needed a space of our own: more room for the cheese and the packing, and somewhere where everything could be brought together. Over the last year we looked at a couple of places but nothing felt quite right.

Then all of a sudden, earlier this year, HSBC closed down their branch in Bovey Tracey. It’s a small two-storey building which happens to be right next to the deli, and we quickly realised it was just too good to miss. Completing the purchase was a long and frustrating process (does it have to be so hard?) but we’re finally there, and as I write the work of converting the spaces has begun. Downstairs will be a large walk-in cold room and a good-sized packing space. James and Mandi - who do 99% of the packing - should find their work transformed. Upstairs will be an office and a small kitchen. I’ll be saying goodbye (sniff) to the blue shed with it’s view across to Dartmoor, but we should be able to make the upstairs room a pleasant place to work, and in fact that’s a key thing: ‘the bank’ (as I keep calling it) has to be a nice place to work.

All in all, it’s just a great moment in the life of the Cheese Shed and should lay the foundations for the next phase. Thanks go to all our customers for your continuing support.