final delivery date for our range of Christmas boxes: 20 December

For these Christmas boxes & hampers, the last possible delivery date will be Thursday 20 December. As always, we will do our best to observe your chosen delivery date strictly.

final delivery date for any of our regular gift boxes and hampers: 11 December

This applies to all our 'regular' gift boxes and hampers, i.e the ones that are available year-round.

We don't recommend that these boxes - which primarily use pieces of cut cheese - should be delivered on the 11th and set aside for Christmas.

Q: When should I have my Christmas cheese delivered?

A: Nice and close to when you want it - i.e when you're going to eat it or, if it's a gift, give it. An ideal delivery date would probably be two days before - though with weekends etc this isn't always possible.

Q: Can't I have one of your regular boxes, but a bit nearer to Christmas?

A: I'm so sorry, but we do have to limit the types of box we send out in the immediate run-up to Christmas. It's the only way we can cope - and that's why we can only offer these boxes in the final run-up to Christmas.

Q: How should I store my cheese between delivery and Christmas?

A: Just keep it cool. The fridge is fine, but an unheated space should be ok in December, if you have one.