Christmas & New Year

We have now stopped taking orders for Christmas.

We have now stopped taking any more orders for Christmas. In the case of the Christmas boxes and hampers, this is because we had used up all the cheese set aside for them. For 'bespoke' orders (everything else) we were just at the limit of what our brilliant team could cope with. Apologies for any disappointment, but we hope you'll appreciate there's only so much we can do at this madly busy time of year. 

Deliveries for New Year and after

We have another busy delivery day of the 28th December, and have already had to stop takign more orders for that date.

So the next available delivery date is 3rd January, after which I am very happy to say that we will be back to normal.

Contact / office hours during the holiday period

We are now away from The Cheese Shed until Thursday 27th, but will be back then and on the 28th. Normaility resumes on Wednesday 2nd January.