Christmas & New Year

What is our last date for ordering?

We can't be sure - we keep taking orders up to the point where we feel we have taken as many as we reasonably can. So every year there is a cut-off, but we can't pinpoint it in advance. Often it's around ten days before Christmas but in 2021 it was earlier - the 6th.

We'd suggest ordering earlier if you can - to avoid the possibility of being disappointed. Remember that you can order as early as you like, giving us your delivery date as part of the checkout processs.

Christmas deliveries.

The last possible Christmas delivery date this year is Wednesday 22nd December.

Deliveries for New Year and after

Between Christmas and New Year there are two possible delivery dates: Thursday 30th and Friday 31st December (New Year's Eve). We'll then be delivering on Wednesday 5th January 2022, after which normal service is resumed ...