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Now this is different.  Our Eighty-Eight brings a bit of glamour to the cheeseboard with a striking black-and-white theme.  See also the larger and smaller versions of this cake which feed 140 and 70 respectively.

Feeds: 100. Size: Diameter 24cm, height 39.5cm

Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated. To order a Taster Box, go here.


For a full description, see the 'about' tab below. And don't forget to read what our customers say.

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biscuits & chutney for 100 biscuits & chutney for 100
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Large Eighty-Eight Large Eighty-Eight
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Small Eighty-Eight Small Eighty-Eight
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Using black and white cheeses creates a striking, dramatic and much more designed look. Finding cheeses to make this was quite a challenge, and to do it we've had to venture a little outside our usual Westcountry selection. But the seven-layer result is one that we're delighted with, and if you want to amaze your guests this might be one way to do it!

The black cheeses are waxed, and two of them (the biggest and smallest) are the Snowdonia Cheese Company's 'Black Bomber'. Now take note: this is a properly strong cheddar. The middle-sized black cheese, however, is a great contrast - Devon's own Curworthy, a lovely mild, easy-going thing.

As for the whites, down at the base is a Cambazola - the very popular German blue brie. Next one up is a Duckett's Caerphilly - a classic which, again, will contrast nicely with the cheddar. A  Cranborne brie and a very small Gevrik complete the picture.

9.5kg in all: we'd see this as suiting 90-100.

Blue 88

The Blue 88 is still black-and-white! But it features a Beenleigh Blue in place of the Duckett's Caerphilly. Beenleigh is white with tiny blue flecks, so it preserves the look