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Our Christmas Cake

16/11/2015: Our Christmas Cake

Given that we've been busy sending out cheese cakes to the nation's weddings for years, it was only a matter of time before we thought of extending the idea to other celebrations. So take a look at this seasonal red-white-and-green beauty: a stack of six gorgeous cheeses guaranteed to cheer up any Christmas table! There's no dried fruit or brandy, but you do get Godminster Cheddar, Yarg, Cranborne, Red Devil, Eve and Rosary ...   read more »

Bakery Bits: an offer!

23/10/2015: Bakery Bits: an offer!

Today we've a special offer from another great online food company based in the Westcountry - Bakery Bits. They're the largest supplier of bread making equipment in the UK, specialising in everything the home baker needs to produce artisan bread, including flours, bread making ingredients, fresh, and dried yeasts, seeds, and malted flakes. And if you're a keen baker, Special Offer for Cheese Shed customers awaits ...   read more »

new: celebration cakes

13/08/2015: new: celebration cakes

New onto the Cheese Shed's shelves are three celebration cakes for smaller numbers - say 10-15 people. We know that our customers often want to use the 'cheese cake' idea from something other than a wedding - parties, anniversaries, a leaving 'do', there are all sorts of events where a cheese cake can be a useful and fun thing to have. So if you're planning a Beano, a Wingding or a Shindig for some special occasion, where cheese will naturally be needed, look no further!   read more »


10/04/2015: giving

We want to see if The Cheese Shed can help raise funds for some causes that we believe in. So now, at the start of the checkout process, you'll have the opportunity to add £1 to your order - destined for a named charity. And every pound you give will be matched with a pound of our own. The first charity we're going to support is The Helen Foundation, which does terrific work helping fund arts activites for children and young people in our area.   read more »

The Mild Bunch: Hamper Competition

14/05/2015: The Mild Bunch: Hamper Competition

  read more »

Reviver: Hamper Competition

29/04/2015: Reviver: Hamper Competition

  read more »

Spring '15: new hampers

20/03/2015: Spring '15: new hampers

Eleven new hampers have just arrived on our shelves, the fruit of a great deal of planning, so we hope you approve! Collections of cheese with carefully chosen accompaniments, each has a distinct theme: they add to and complement the existing hampers. Fancy a box based around mild cheeses, one featuring mead or cider brandy? Or perhaps you like the idea of three very special soft cheeses? Whatever you like, there's bound to be something here for you, so do take a look.   read more »

Happy Meadium Hamper Competiton

07/04/2015: Happy Meadium Hamper Competiton

  read more »

Viva Zapata! Hamper Competition

27/03/2015: Viva Zapata! Hamper Competition

  read more »

2 amazing new cheeses

24/02/2015: 2 amazing new cheeses

We present two great cheeses new to the shelves of The Cheese Shed - and two cheeses with a twist! Truffler, from Somerset Cheese Company's master maker Phil Rainbow, is a cheddar with added Italian black truffles - the first in the UK, we think. Hampshire's Laverstoke Park Farm has brought in a Dutch cheese maker to produce what would be a very authentic Gouda ... but in their case it's made using organic buffalo milk!   read more »

new for Spring 2015

12/02/2015: new for Spring 2015

We're on the brink of bringing a whole lot of exciting new things to the shelves of the Cheese Shed. Brace yourself for Laverstock's Buffalo Gouda and Brie, Truffled - the first UK cheese to be made with added black truffles - and Dumpling, a totally gorgeous lactic ewes' milk cheese from Wootton Organic. As if that wasn't enough, we're adding Somerset Cider Brandy, Elderberry Port and Traditional Mead to the drinks section, along with a whole bunch of new beers.   read more »

win a Valentine's Day cheese box!

26/01/2012: win a Valentine's Day cheese box!

Your chance to win one of our Valentine's day cheese boxes, containing a tangy red-waxed Godminster Cheddar matched with two beautiful soft cheeses, the Sharpham Heart and the White Heart. To make it a complete cheese feast for your Loved One, we're adding Pink Peppercorn Crunch biscuits and one of two rather special chutneys (see below). Plus, you can turn the wow factor up to 11 by having us pack it in a hamper.   read more »

we survived Christmas!

24/12/2014: we survived Christmas!

Christmas in The Cheese Shed is always a tremendous challenge. Everything happens on a much bigger scale than at any other time in the year - and we're always stretched. We start - in September - by devising the Christmas cheese boxes and hampers, pricing them, and estimating how many we're likely to sell. That gives us a number of cheeses we'll need (it runs into throusands), and firm orders are placed with the various dairies for cheese to be delivered to us around the 11th December.   read more »

Christmas Hamper Competition 2014

26/11/2014: Christmas Hamper Competition 2014

Take five superb Westcountry artisan cheeses. Add three jars of pickles and chutneys, three packets of very special biscuits - all different - and some unique mulled spiced apple 'membrillo'. Oh, and let's not forget the bottle of Krohn LBV Port! Then: pack it all up smartly in a wicker hamper with black leather hinges. This is our Christmas Five Hamper, and we have one to give away. If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning ...   read more »

New Preserves

05/11/2014: New Preserves

We're bringing in a number of new chutneys for Christmas 2014. The rather brilliant Victoria Cranfield is based in north Devon and her seasonal Boxing Day Chutney features prominently in this year's Christmas hampers. Alongside that, her Lime Pickle, Bombay Peach and Mango Chutneys bring a touch of the exotic to what's on offer. We're also bringing in the Spiced Orchard Fruits Chutney devised by talented Jay Allan of Exeter-based Hillside Speciality Foods. But that's not all ...   read more »

Cremet: A Unique Soft Cheese?

21/07/2014: Cremet: A Unique Soft Cheese?

'Unique' is a bold claim in the cheese world, where there are generally only so many ways to combine milk, salt and rennet ... but Sharpham's Cremet may just about deserve it. With their expertise in soft cheese (several decades of producing 'Sharpham' and 'Elmhirst') the pack has now been shuffled to produce a very distinctive cheese which has already won a Gold Medal from the British Cheese Awards ...   read more »

Stag's Water Biscuits

19/03/2014: Stag's Water Biscuits

At Christmas my old friend Derek sent me some water biscuits which I thought were just gorgeous. I'm not sure I thought it was possible to get excited about a water biscuit ... but these are different. They're made by Stag Bakeries in Stornaway, Isle of Lewis (!) so have quite a journey to get here. We've now got them in three flavours: 'original', rosemary, and sea salt with black pepper.   read more »

Chalke Valley Cheese

13/02/2014: Chalke Valley Cheese

Years ago there was a dairy called Cranborne Chase Cheese in Dorset. They made soft white brie-type cheeses (like Win Green), and washed rind cheeses (like Alderwood). I drove up one day and had a great time meeting the two talented cheese makers, Alison French and James McCall. Then suddenly, out of the blue, the dairy was closed and they were both out of a job. We were upset - and I don't suppose they were too happy. Here's what happened next ...   read more »

our new hampers: a competition

18/03/2014: our new hampers: a competition

Three of our new hampers 'must be won', as they say ...   read more »


13/09/2013: Hafod

Adding a new cheddar to our list isn’t done lightly. After all, we already have a fabulous range of authentic cheddars form the best names around - Keens, Quickes, Montgomery’s and the like. With such a popular cheese, there are always lots to choose from, so there has to be a really good reason to take another one on. But here’s the thing. Until now, what we haven’t had is a traditionally made organic cheddar.   read more »

Valentine's Day Competition 2014

22/01/2014: Valentine's Day Competition 2014

A box of beautiful hearts to win for this Valentines Day ...   read more »

Hamper competition

27/09/2013: Hamper competition

Win one of the new Cheese Shed Hampers.   read more »

quince ingots & more

22/07/2013: quince ingots & more

Jay Allan is an inventive Exeter-based chef who set out to create his own version of the Spanish quince paste membrillo. Finding that a little hard and often over-sweet, he has developed several unique fruit pastes which we're delighted to be stocking. His original Quince Ingot is here, but Jay wanted to take the fruit paste idea further ...   read more »

win this book

15/08/2013: win this book

I thought the new book by Matt Feroze sounded great, so have persuaded the publishers to let us have 3 copies to give away ...   read more »

knives & boards

26/05/2013: knives & boards

Once upon a time I was a furniture maker. I haven't picked up a chisel for quite a few years now, but good design and craftsmanship still matter. Having things around you that work well and have made been with real skill and care - this is something that really does seem to add to the quality of life.   read more »

OFM Awards 2013

23/04/2013: OFM Awards 2013

We were amazed to open our Observer last Sunday and find this brilliant drawing of the cheese-shaped shed nestling among green hills. The Observer Food Monthly magazine is launching its 2013 awards, and there in the magazine was a full page version of the image, encouraging readers to vote for their favourite food business.   read more »

new cheese: hot and not

23/04/2013: new cheese: hot and not

I'm probably not the only person who is occasionally dismissive about cheese 'with things added'. But lots of 'flavour-added' cheeses really do work, and it struck me the other day that perhaps we didn't have quite enough of them. So here are two new ones for you. The first features an ever-more popular ingredient, but one which - try as you might - you would never previously have found in our vast underground cheese store.   read more »

Cornish Gouda

28/02/2013: Cornish Gouda

An interesting one! Obviously there are many versions of the traditional English cheeses, cheddar, cheshire, lancashire etc, out there. To that one can add numerous local takes on brie. Now, from Polruan in Cornwall, comes a locally produced version of one of the great European cheeses, Gouda (pronounced 'how-da', with a soft gutteral 'h'). And this Dutch cheese is being made by people who are certified 100% Dutch.   read more »

we cave in at last

13/02/2013: we cave in at last

I first came across this a good few years ago at the British Cheese Festival, and remember thinking it was really good. But for some reason we never got around to stocking it. But here it is now, the cave-aged cheddar made by Dorset's Ford Farm. The unique thing here is that cheese is matured in Somerset's Wookey Hole. Maturing cheese in caves is nothing new in France - Roquefort has been matured in the caves   read more »

New Year competition

08/01/2013: New Year competition

We're doing our bit to banish the grey-sky January blues by offering one lucky person the Cheese Shed selection box of their choice. The competition will run until the end of the month when we'll choose a name at random. For details of how to enter, follow the 'read more' link at the end of this box. Here it comes ...   read more »

we're in

22/10/2012: we're in

The big news is that we’re finally in our new home at 41 Fore St - the HSBC Bank as was. As I write, the office has been in use for a week. James moved the cheese at the weekend, and today the first boxes are being packed downstairs. It’s a great moment. If you want to see some photos of the new place, take a look at The Cheese Shed’s Facebook page.   read more »

Christmas competition winner

12/11/2012: Christmas competition winner

Congratulations to Keith from Bridlington: the winner of our competition to win a Christmas Five. The answer to the question "What did Francis win?" was: Best New Cheese ... at the 2012 British Cheese Awards.   read more »


20/08/2012: H-S-Brie-C?

It was a great day for The Cheese Shed as we received the keys to our new building, a former bank on the main street here in Bovey. For years now we’ve wanted to bring the cheese store, packing work and office together and now at last we’ll be able to do it. There's lots of work to do before it'll be ready, but come October our new home should be up and running.   read more »

behold: the Cakebuilder

18/05/2012: behold: the Cakebuilder

The Cakebuilder is an idea we’ve been working on for some time, and it’s finally here. Up to now there’s only been two ways of choosing a cheese wedding cake: buying an off-the-peg cake, or asking us to produce a bespoke one. Now our online Cakebuilder enables you to build, visualise and order your own unique cake. Try it out - and have fun!   read more »

3 new cheese gift boxes

25/04/2012: 3 new cheese gift boxes

Our second set of new cheese selections for 2012 is now available and ready to order. The Big Softy is four or five cheeses for people who love the soft stuff - some beauties in this one - whilst The Sheep And The Goats is a guaranteed cow-free zone. Finally, there’s a set of four cheeses we think deserve to be called Modern Classics.   read more »

finally! new cheese boxes

29/02/2012: finally! new cheese boxes

Three new selection boxes have hit the shelves of the Shed: time to move things along a bit, we felt. Some Like It Raw is your chance to test out some top unpasteurised cheeses. This is one difference you might be able to taste. Smokin’ is one of our single-minded boxes - all smoked cheese, and finally, Westcountry Traditional celebrates four great cheeses from the region.   read more »

farewell Menallack

26/01/2012: farewell Menallack

Some sad news came in just before Christmas as we learned that Menallack Farm was due to stop cheesemaking after 25 years. Menallack, based just outside Penryn in Cornwall, was really the creation of Caryl Minson, aided and abetted by husband John and a devoted team of makers. This unique dairy produced a wonderful range of cheeses, mainly for the local market in West Cornwall. We're going to miss them.   read more »

Into 2012

07/11/2011: Into 2012

Come 2012 we’ll be looking to bring new things into the Shed. Treveador’s Helford Blue, Sue Proudfoot’s Little Wheal and Rachel Stephens’ Haytor will be arriving soon. I’m looking at cheeses from two new dairies, and am keen to expand the non-cheese side of things. We also have plans which, if they work, will introduce a completely new approach to the issue of buying a cheese wedding cake. Watch this space.   read more »

Early Ordering Draw Winners

23/11/2011: Early Ordering Draw Winners

We ran a competition for people who ordered our Christmas boxes before 16th November. Three people won Cheese Subscriptions for 2011 (three boxes each). They are: Lulu from the Isle of Man, Lyndsey from Cardiff, and Mark from Caterham. Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy it!   read more »

an end-of-November competition

23/11/2011: an end-of-November competition

I feel a competition coming on ...   read more »

win cheese, win cider

29/09/2011: win cheese, win cider

To mark the arrival of cider in the Shed, we’ve teamed up with publishers Birlinn to set up a competition with three great cheese and cider related prizes on offer. A small test of skill and an email are all it takes to enter. Prizes include copies of James Crowden’s fascinating book Ciderland plus a Cornish Cheese Selection and 5 bottles of cider from our shelves.   read more »

new site for mongers

19/09/2011: new site for mongers

Bovey Tracey's leading shed-based virtual cheesemonger has a brand new website, which you are now looking at. If you're one of our regular customers, we hope you'll find all the nice stuff you know and love, but with a better layout, new features (like the tabs suggesting related products), and a whole lot of new things - cider, beer and perry for starters. Coming soon, wines, bundles of biscuits, chutney etc for weddings, and more.   read more »

the cheese with no name

29/06/2012: the cheese with no name

Our experimental soft cheese is stating to take shape ...   read more »