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key dates

last delivery for Christmas boxes & hampers: 23 December

For our Christmas boxes & hampers, the last possible delivery date will be Tuesday 23 December. As always, we will try to observe your chosen delivery date strictly. If we do need to change it - because Christmas is a very testing time for us - we'll try not to do this by more than a couple of days.

last delivery for 'bespoke' orders: 23 December

These are selections of cheese you have put together yourself - please see above.

last delivery for all other gift boxes and hampers: 11 December

This applies to all our 'regular' - i.e non-Christmas - gift boxes and hampers.

last date for ordering

It's hard to say how long we will be taking orders for, since it all depends on how much stock we have left. It may be around 17th December. However, if we've used up all our stock before that, we may have to stop taking orders early.  Ultimately there is a limit to how much cheese we can get, and once we've reached that limit ... that's it! The moral of this story is don't leave it too late.